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Curious About The Seven Sisters Quilt?

Found on the internet by Rosie Reising.

Here is a tidbit from the Electric Quilt website:

The Seven Sisters Quilt pattern, like so many others, was most likely designed from an observation of nature. The Seven Sisters, or Pleiades, is a fairly loose grouping of stars in the constellation Taurus. Although seven stars can be seen with the naked eye, binoculars or telescopes reveal it actually consists of several hundred more. The quilt pattern itself, a single six pointed star surrounded by six identical stars, has been seen as early as 1845. It became popular again during the Depression era, when hand-piecing difficult and challenging patterns was popular. It is also known as Seven Stars, Evening Star, and Seven Stars in a Cluster. An interesting phenomenon of the Seven Sisters star cluster is though they appear to be close together, they are, in fact, quite far apart.


Cancelling May 10 Eykamp Gathering

Make plans to join the fun at the Wednesday, June 14 quilting session from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Bring  UFOs and enjoy being with fellow quilters. The gathering is at the Eykamp Boy Scout Center on East Lloyd Expressway. There is a kitchen so bring a lunch, drinks are available too.  Questions about Eykamp? Call Marie Bloom 491-3726 or Janet Pfettscher 867-1400.


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